On Deleted Posts and My Spending Phast

So you guys know that thing I just tried to do that I can’t type the name of anymore* because someone claims they have trademark on a phrase and that I was violating it? Since there’s so few of you subscribers, I probably told you the whole story in person by now, so I don’t feel much of a need to elaborate.

Still can’t believe she ever assumed I’m in debt and am on a journey to pay it off. I’m honestly offended by that part more than anything- I’ve never been in debt and have been working full time to pay for college to pay for it out of pocket to not have to go into debt.

Debt is gross. I’ll be the first to say it. I’m avoiding it as insanely as I can. I even stopped going to college for a year(in 2011) because I was jobless for 9 months, job hunting, and refused to take out a loan.

Well, anyway, I’m not fasting from spending money anymore because as it turns out, I’m back in my budget’s green zone. If I’m careful for this month and just stick to my budget, I won’t be over at all by the start of next month!

My last reason for breaking the fast?

Money is just too delicious!!!!

*Funny thing is, the phrase is used across quite a few blogs, so I guess she’s gonna have to do a lot of intimidation and/or suing. I figured I’d comply because I failed the challenge and didn’t want to hire a lawyer or whatever you do for that. Although, I really don’t like hiding past failures, my being unable to complete the spending phast is among the less notable ones. The post with the metal videos was a pretty cool one. 😦


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