School Break To-Do List

I have a short break between the spring semester and my summer college class. I was planning on trying to do a whole lot of stuff in my afternoons after work and Sundays but now I’ve decided to consolidate.

Stuff I want to do:

  1. Maintain my GTD system.
  2. Sewing class with Grandma
  3. FASFA
  4. Edit my Novel
  5. Make the Bento Blog better/bento!
  6. Go for walks regularly
  7. Fix up that purse
  8. Book a round trip ticket to Montreal

I had so much I wanted to do that it’s kind of outrageous. So yeah, I’m going to focus on getting healthy through walking and ensuring my bentos are healthier.  My novel needs some TLC after I neglected it towards the end of the semester, I have to finish the FASFA by June 30th anyway, so I need to get on that.

Cool news! By some miracle my long-lost Matt & Nat purse found its way home to me. It’s in awful condition but I am planning on fixing it up. I actually tore off a good chunk of the outer plastic/pleather that was gross(there was no saving it) and I’m going to need to sew patches over it. I’m now on the lookout for Kawaii fabric I also want to make longer straps for it. Also, remember how I mentioned that my cute Guess purse is already falling apart? Apparently Macy’s takes back/refunds anything with a receipt so once I repair my baby, I’ll be returning that other one. I wish I didn’t have to(she’s cute as stock, doubt I can keep her charm with modifications) and she was standing up to the test of time but she is deteriorating fast. It’s pretty gross.


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