The Jealous Purse[handbag]

Note to non-US based readers, Purse is synonymous with handbag where I’m located. Wallets are what you peeps call purses.

My purse!

My coworker has this purse that is the cutest thing. It’s black and cream with a big pink ribbon bow. I never really get feelings like this but every time I see it I suddenly want a purse just like it, and every time I think that I have to catch my brain and redirect my thoughts to literally anything else.

I remind myself that my purse is adorable! My friend Sam got it for my as part of my birthday present last year when the liner in my old purse ripped. It’s vegan, name brand, and it matches all my Lolita clothes as well as my day-to-day wardrobe! Not many purse users can say that they have a single purse that matches literally everything they own!

The size is great too. It’s seldom that I need to carry more than will fit in this bag, with the exception of sleepovers and classes. I have a nice, secondhand Roxy messenger bag for most instances, and a small suitcase for the times I need a LOT more space(like going to Katsucon- all I took was my insulated food bag, my purse and my suitcase full- for four days wearing full Lolita fashion for most of it!). This purse is straight-up the perfect purse for me at this point in my life.

Yet I still like my coworker’s purse more than I’d like to admit. I’ve not even had my purse a year but I can’t help but think ahead- what purse am I going to get next? How much should I save up? Will I buy a matching wallet? Etc.

Funnily enough, I have thought through this purchase and have a pretty good idea of what I will be getting. I’ll be buying a Matt & Natt purse, most likely with a matching wallet because they’re an all vegan company. I’ve also owned one of their bags before, put it through a beating and it held up with pride, despite being second-hand. Based on pricing on their site, I might want to save up around $300- $350 for this pairing, so I’m setting aside about $10 a month to treat myself once the three years is up- my self-imposed time limit for owning this purse. If the purse disintegrates before then, I’ll need to replace it but I’m not going to rush out and buy another Guess purse at Macy’s. I’ll spend the money early on the Matt & Natt set, and use one of my Chico sling-bags as a purse temporarily until the new bag arrives(so no trying to talk myself into spending before I need to). My Versallette can double as a purse in a pinch as well. I also have to stop myself from going onto the Matt & Nat website to look at the designs because if I’m not going to buy, why am I looking? It’s just wasting precious moments of my life, so I ought not to eye up the new collections for very long because it just makes me want the new purses even more, and I won’t be buying until one of my prerequisites have been met.

After writing this, I feel better. My purse is super cute and I don’t feel as envious of my coworker and her purse. Sometimes even just writing about these things helps one to feel better. Since everyone I know has experienced jealousy at some point or another, what did you ever get the most jealous over? What did you do about it?

**This post was typed up last week. So I wasn’t thinking about this over the weekend, haha.


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