Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Long Term Review

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I’ve heard many great things about the brand Angelic Pretty, especially in relation to Lolita fashion. I decided to give it a try when I saw a super cute hoodie up for sale on Lace Market. I knew it would match a lot of my wardrobe and I needed a new hoodie, and a black one would be great for at work. The set was released in 2013, I bought the hoodie in late January of this year(2015).

pilling on the sleeve
pilling on the sleeve

Anyway, the hoodie came and was in great condition. I wore it for a few days before noticing the fuzz known as pilling. That’s when little lint balls form on a sweater or other fabric, oftentimes due to friction. I actually get it a lot on my underwear because I move around a lot during the day. I even have a little lint ball shaver(a super unitasker, which I generally advocate against- if you want something that doesn’t need batteries, you can get away with a straight razor, just be careful not to cut the fabric). Since I bought the sweater secondhand I didn’t think much of it, and that it was probably just the result of wear and I just shaved it off. I didn’t recall noticing any pilling on it when I did my opening package inspection, however.

Before long, the little balls were back again and so prevalent now that I knew then that it wasn’t just from excessive wear but rather poor quality fabric! Being made out of polyester and cotton, plus being called high quality “burando”(name brand for the uninitiated) I have to say that I’m incredibly disappointed with the material quality, at least for the black colorway.

This makes me reluctant to buy anything else from Angelic Pretty, which is a shame because my two Lolita dream dresses are Angelic Pretty prints!

Dream Dress #1:
Dream Dress #1:
Dream Dress #2:
Dream Dress #2:

The design of the hoodie is cute, but despite being a good feeling fabric plus toting the price tag of higher end brands, along with the label, this hoodie reveals itself to be nothing more than the environmentally destructive “fast fashion” level of quality. I’ve had to de-pill this hoodie at least once a month since I’ve had it, despite owning many hoodies that I’ve never needed to de-pill wile wearing them a near ridiculous amount. I fear that I may have a thinner, threadbare hoodie before long.


2 thoughts on “Angelic Pretty Candy Sprinkle Long Term Review

  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve never had issues with other AP products. I’ve only encountered one dress that had an issue with pilling (only the pink ribbon trim on Merry Making Party I’ve had it in two colorways and both had the same issue). With any knit materials, this includes socks as well from any brand, pilling can be an issue. Cotton and chiffon dresses shouldn’t have this issue unless you are rubbing an area excessively with a lot of force. But I can see this being commonplace on something like a cutsew or a parka. Keep in mind this is a lucky pack item as well, and I’m not sure if their lucky pack parkas and regular release parkas are any different material-wise. But often times there are some quality or at least length differences when it comes to lucky packs. I don’t own any AP cutsews or parkas to verify though. But your dresses should be fine.

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    1. I shared this review with my local community and they said a lot along the same lines, AP’s lucky pack items are a huge tier below in quality(like a diffusion line) and that the dresses are top-notch, so I might just give one a go, perhaps order one for my summer wardrobe when it starts to get close to summer(capsule wardrobe, what what! 😀 )
      Regardless, I don’t think I’ll be revising this post unless the hoodie magically changes. It doesn’t change the quality of this hoodie or the fact that it’s made me wary and not as excited to buy other AP stuff, aside from the cuteness of the prints.

      I do really like Moon Night Theater, so if I find one, I might just cave, and after I have it for a while I’ll do a review(I hate reviews of things from people owning them for, like, a week. That’s not enough time!!! D:<


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