Project 333 Spring 2015 Edition

A few days before spring I went through my closet to prepare for spring. If you’ll recall one of my sub-goals was to do project 333 twice this year. That gives me three full seasons to give it ago before I try it over the new years jump.

My list of things:

  1. Bodyline Rose Bouquet Skirt
  2. Infanta Sleeping Beauty JSK
  3. White Bodyline JSK
  4. Little Black Dress
  5. Angelic Pretty Hoodie
  6. Bodyline Lolita Dress Friendly Trench-coat
  7. Pageboy Cap with Faux Flower(it’s been worn and washed so much that the label is missing it’s print!)
  8. Guess Cheatin’ Heart Purse (The one I’m going to be using until late October 2017 unless it breaks)
  9. White Chiffon Blouse
  10. Pink Corduroy Pants
  11. Cyan Jeans (not to be confused with my better teal ones- these are for getting dirty at work, the others are for winter weekends)
  12. Regular Jeans Skinny ankle
  13. Regular Jeans more bootcut friendly
  14. Pink Polka dot GAP Pants
  15. American Apparel Hisoka Tee
  16. Forever 21 Pinkish Sweater(a secondhand shop find!)
  17. Mossimo Shirt
  18. Izod Top
  19. Deliah’s Blouse
  20. Twik half sleeved top
  21. Pink Shorts
  22. Gray Shorts
  23. Work Boots
  24. White Bodyline Heels
  25. Gothic Lolita Wig
  26. Infanta Headbow(It’s a big behind bow and matches my JSK)
  27. Mini White Headbow
  28. Star Clips (My friend Sam has dubbed it the wearable mobile)
  29. Cake Ring(It looks like a glittery pink plastic bundt cake)
  30. Lollipop necklace
  31. “Pearl” bracelet
  32. “Pearl” necklace
  33. Cameo Necklace

I’m pretty pleased with this list, and as project 333 goes on, I am allowed to give the boot to things that don’t work. I actually got rid of a pair of shoes from this. The weekend before I wore my black cork wedges and did a little bit of walking in them. I’ve worn them many times before but these just killed my feet after being in them only for a few hours! I love the Bodyline heels so much more and have worn them for 16+ hours(on my feet for most of it) with only a mild aching after taking them off, much like my workboots.

I would have taken a picture of my wardrobe but some stuff was still dirty, some stuff was drying, and some stuff was on my back! It would have been difficult to get all that in a picture and encapsulate my wardrobe. Granted this doesn’t include my cosmetics and whatnot, but I’m always working on reducing the size of that because I have to carry my makeup around with me(because I tend to stay over at the boyfriend’s or need a touch-up and I refuse to have doubles).


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