Excited Screaming Ensures?

As you may know I have a blog all about bento styled meals, I love anime, collect Tamagotchi, and have an interest in Japanese culture.

Most of the above(except bentos) have been true as of when I was middle school aged. It’s not gone away in the slightest.

I first heard that I could take Japanese at my local university from a couple of students I sat with in a cafeteria(overheard and then I butted in and demanded to know more). When I looked in the catalog and even when I sat down with my adviser we could not find it! My adviser even said that they might not actually offer it.

One day last semester, in the art building(I was working on homework while a friend was working on a photography project) I went to use the bathroom. I passed a bulletin board.

it does exist!Notice what language is on there? Yup! Japanese!

And I found the first level of it in the course catalog!

Last semester, with the broken up three days of the week class, I suffered greatly but I wasn’t passionate about the subject, and I have actually wanted to learn Japanese since middle school. The same can’t be said about C++. So dare I break up my work days for school like a crazy person again this fall?

I am not a hundred percent sure but I just might. I don’t know. I’m super nervous, but I remember taking my Latin class back in high school- the most difficult part was getting started. And I wasn’t even passionate about Latin!

The hype is real guys! It’s so real! *shrieks excitedly*


2 thoughts on “Excited Screaming Ensures?

    1. Problem is my time and taking even more time off from work. Odds are that I could always take it next semester as well. I should see if I can contact the teacher and ask if he ever teaches a later in the day class. 🙂

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