On Waste

I try not to create a lot of waste.

And yet I do.

I’ve tried little challenges here and there to get better at handling it, and yet the flow of stuff into my car, my purse, my home, my thoughts- it doesn’t cease.

I accumulate a lot of trash, these days more in the physical sense, and I dislike it. I have Nerf guns I’ve only played with a handful of times, clothes I don’t wear(and some I don’t even like, but I’m not going out and replacing them), receipts for things I buy. I even have that marble block I used to keep my scooter from sinking into the dirt when I parked it from before I sold my scooter… over a year ago. I even have more food than I know what to do with!

I need to get rid of a lot of stuff.

But throwing it away would be wasteful. What should I do?

Room 2.0
Found on Flickr, thought this was cute and clean looking

I need to halt the incoming stuff in its tracks and slowly work on getting what I have in excess out!

I’m not going to buy a new purse until October 2016 unless my current purse falls apart. This purse will be three years old then. My three new Chicobags arrived last week, so I am set for ANY instance of shopping(mostly grocery). I want to avoid plastic bags entering my domain, and the only reason that I started obtaining them en masse again was because I lost my old Chicobag. I also need to start using those Chicobag produce bags of mine that I bought over a year ago.

I’m also not allowing myself to buy makeup until I run out of something. Then I’m just going to replace it and recycle the container.

I need to eat at least the vast majority of the food I have before I buy more. I have so much that I hardly know what to do with it all!

If I keep bringing things in without letting go of more things, how can I expect to move in just one car-load someday? How can I expect to live in a way that won’t encroach on any future house-mates(most likely my boyfriend) and make cleanup quite snappy for myself. Also, creating less waste means less to deal with in the future.

I’m going to try to not be as wasteful. For myself and my fellow humans.


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