On Upgrades

I had the Galaxy Note 2 for a year before I dropped and cracked the screen. I continued to use it for another 6 months before the cracks got so annoying, I ended up selling it and buying an iPhone4s off of a friend.
My contract for the Note 2 finished up in December, so I can get a new subsidized phone.
The other day I got an email basically trying to entice me to upgrade as well.

It’s deleted now.
The iPhone 4s works perfectly fine.
Granted the battery isn’t great but if I keep it in airplane mode during the work day(I don’t need to use it for work) so the poor signal doesn’t wear it down.
On the weekends I have my backup portable charger in my purse but I rarely need it then too.

There’s also the fact that there are millions upon millions of perfectly good cell phones going to waste sitting around or even going into landfills.
Do I want to contribute to that? No. Every time I’ve gotten a new phone, with the exception of maybe one, I either gave it away to someone whom needed a new phone asap, or sold it.

I also don’t need a backup.
The contents of my phone are backed up on google services, my computer AND the iCloud. If my phone gets stolen or legitimately breaks, I have an emergency fund and can replace it in a matter of hours, if need be.
After all, even Walmart sells Verizon phones(androids and iPhones), if it’s THAT big an emergency.

I’d have to get used to a new system.
Granted, my first gen Nexus 7 and 4s are running the newest operating systems, I’d have to get used to a new modified version of an OS if I decided to go with the newest Galaxy Note phone. Not so much with the 6plus(I do have my dream phones) but I do like that I don’t need to get used to any UNNECESSARY changes during this busy time of my life.

I have a super cool phone case.
I knew my upgrade was coming up back in November but I imported a super cool Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure case(with Dio Brando on it) and it won’t fit any of the new phones on the market. I got it much cheaper than most of the ones on eBay, but if not only have to relegate my case to the useless pile if I bought a new phone but I’d also have to buy a new case to protect my new phone! I want to enjoy my current case for as long as I can before I have to replace my phone.

I also have a million accessories.
Well maybe not a million but I have a bunch of cables, and a couple of cases. I don’t want to have to buy new backup cables to have on hand(one in my car, my purse, and room). If I got an android I wouldn’t have to, so that is another thing to consider.


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