Two Weeks of Minimal Spending-RESET

Yesterday was supposed to be the second day of my minimal spending week, kick started by a no spend week.

Yesterday I took my car to get the spark plugs changed(family member whom does a great job working on cars, he owes me a chunk of change, so I’m letting him work off some of it by repairing my car when it needs it) and the wires basically disintegrated. I remembered when I first got the car my granddad said it would need new ones soon only after the family member came in kind of upset that they had accidentally broken one. He had managed to fix it enough to last me until next week, so I went int to Napa to order one. I figured they’d have to order it, but apparently they had some in stock, so I bought it then to just have it since I’ll be needing it anyway.

Then after my class(started the new semester today) I met up with my friend Sam. We decided to go to the Mexican restaurant for dinner because it was nearby, and I paid because she doesn’t get paid until next week, so she will pick up next week’s tab. And after dinner we went to the local fabric shop and I bought a better makeup bag and a link/fabric fuzzies shaver(one of my hoodies has those on it, and I’ve gotten rid of garments that I loved because I hated the little fuzzies that develop and since I was there…)

And then, I needed to pick up the textbook for my Creative Writing class because we need it for the writing prompt assignments(boo).

So now I’m restarting the week of no spending. I’m on day zero! But you know what? It’s just another opportunity to try it again. I made it 24 hours without spending a dime. If I can make it 48 hours, that’s an improvement as to what I had been doing. And who knows? Maybe the Seinfeld method will start to kick in?


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