Two Weeks of Minimal Spending


Starting Sunday I will not be spending any money for a week with the exception of the Starbucks tea or coffee I’ll enjoy during my weekly review and my rent money.
I mentioned this to one of my friends and she seemed incredibly excited at the prospect and said she plans to do basically the same thing for two weeks now, preparing for Katsucon.
I agreed to do that with her, so the modification is that after one no spend week I can buy myself gasoline for my car and replenish any produce I’ll need and my generally weekly dinner out to eat with my boyfriend.
Tomorrow afternoon I will ensure I buy the rest of the ingredients for vegan macarons, top off my gas tank, and get out the cash to pay my cell gone bill.

This will be interesting! Two whole weeks of bringing nothing unnecessary into my life(I am awaiting a few mail packages) but pretty much purely getting rid of things I don’t need. A true exercise in minimalism!


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