On Owing Money

Burning Money is Financial Crime and Waste in China
I’ve been “burning” through my hard-earned savings! Oh no!

My name is Grace and I am in debt.

Granted, I’m not indebted to a bank, company, or another human being at all.

Instead, I owe money to myself.

I was listening to the podcast from The Simple Sophisticate on money management.

I’ve usually been rather good about managing my money but for some reason this podcast really hit a nerve. I checked my bank balance soon after listening to it and was shocked that my Simple account had dropped below $10,000! I may have over $1,000 I’m transferring to my simple account from my local bank, but I was aghast at the low amount of money! I haven’t had less than $10,000 in the bank since I saved it up, shortly after getting my current job!

Tuition, the holidays, shopping, and eating out with friends has hit my bank account really hard and honestly, I feel ashamed. After my weekly review, tomorrow, I’m scheduling a date with myself to review everything. I have a few big ticket expenses coming up in February (Katsucon, Car Insurance, Textbooks, etc), so I’ll need to account for those, but I really need to reign in my overall spending.

First thing’s first, I have a free drink coupon for Starbucks, so tomorrow I will use that, but after that I’m going to be drinking teas(and getting myself acclimated to plain coffee) to enjoy while I do my weekly reviews. They’re less than half the price of my normal Oprah Soy Chai Latte. Since I’m also a Starbucks Gold Member(last semester was brutal, no other coffee shops around here open before 6:00am) I will use the free drink every twelve visits on something fancier as a treat for being so good!

I am also going to cut down to eating out at a restaurant once a week with my boyfriend, and once every two weeks with a friend. I make perfectly fine food and every single one of my friends(as opposed to my boyfriend) that I’ve had over is veg-curious to a point and are willing to try my vegan foods, especially the faux meats(they love Gardein).

After that, I intend to limit myself to $50.00 a month for all fun, entertainment related things(excluding Katsucon), mainly because in the last month alone, I can just about guarantee that I’ve spent well over $500(although some of that is for Christmas presents for this December, sometime’s a sale is a sale).

I can also drop food and personal care down to $200.00 a month(excluding restaurants) because I’ve done it for less and was fine. This higher limit will be an incredibly comfortable range for me.

Also, my laptop is worsening a bit. I will have to figure out how to print from my iPhone, or maybe since my mom is using her new tablet almost exclusively, I’ll be able to adopt her old one for printing out coupons. My tablet isn’t compatible, but after I reach my savings goal for the year I’ll look into replacing this laptop(and my tablet) with a Windows Tablet(the full computer variant) by setting a new goal. If this laptop lasts me through the year, I’d be ecstatic!

I don’t know what else I will limit, if anything. This might be more than enough to catch up, but I’m ashamed of myself for spending so much, so unnecessarily… so frivolously!

The worst part is that aside from maybe $150.00 on Lolita clothes and another $150.00 on my scanner/laser printer, I can’t remember anything frivolous that I’ve bought!


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