New Years Goals- Minimalism!

I waited until I was about a week into the new year before I decided I wanted to make any sort of New Years Resolutions. I ended up coming up with seven things I can work on, a few of them big a few of them smaller.

  1. Implement GTD again
  2. Become minimalist
  3. Save another $7,000
  4. Obtain 10,000 followers for the Bento Buff
  5. Take at least 4 classes
  6. Edit my novel
  7. Enhance my appearance(gain muscle, shed belly fat and start to heal up acne scars)
  8. Get more involved in the Lolita Fashion community(not related to the book named Lolita)
  9. Improve Sewing Skills
  10. 3D print more things or sell printer

This is a crazy long list, but that’s how I’m kick starting my GTD system. I’m making significant progress towards most of my goals, and baby steps towards a few others. It also helps that quite a few are interlaced in other ways as well, such as getting better at sewing and getting more involved in the local Lolita community.

I also have to make a decision at the end of the year. Either use the 3D printer more or sell it off. Don’t get me wrong, I love my 3D printer but it seems to get used about as much as my scooter was before I decided to sell it.

But in today’s post I’m focusing on minimalism.

I live with my parents but have almost every single thing I own in my bedroom or my car(including my mini-fridge and “pantry,” my “workbench,” my “office,” and my “laundry room”(sans the washer, I use a dry rack).

Pardon the mess, I just had a couple of friends over, and while we had a blast, I did not tidy up my room. Also, on the blurry photos, that’s why I use a tripod on The Bento Buff.

My “office” and “workbench” along with a few boxes of things to list on ebay, donate, and put away.
My “workbench”(also known as the small cabinet I keep my 3D printer on top of), my sleeping area(I shoved blankets to the side, but my friend nestled up into them further making a mess of things)
Skateboard, cleaning supplies, Nerf arsenal, closet, and “kitchenette”
The “kitchenette”, a lolita dress, my inbox, and more sell/donate boxes.

So what does minimalism look like for Grace? I’d really really like to be able to fit ALL of my stuff into my closet(including mini fridge, excluding desk). There will be a point in a few years that I will graduate college. Since I am not planning on being in a place where I’ll be in debt(paying for tuition out of my own pocket), I’m sure I’ll need to find a new place to live rather promptly then. I want my move to be as effortless as possible.

Sure, I might want or need furniture in my new dwelling, but I’d like to be able to throw everything I currently own into my car on it’s own, with no one else to need to help to move(because, really, who likes helping anyone move? Most people I know would rather sell a kidney on the black market). It also means that if my boyfriend and I decide we need to move somewhere further away for a job for him, then I stay out of the way as much as possible.
He owns most of the “necessary” house fixings already, such as a couch, television, dresser, and a bed, for instance. I don’t see a need for those things now, but then again, I hardly use my desk(it won’t move with me, it won’t fit out my bedroom door).
Anyway, long story short, I want to own as little as I need. I find that during the school semesters(which is most of the time since I also attend summer classes) I’m very seldom home except to writing for my blogs, making food, and sleeping. I’m at work, Starbucks, and college the rest of the time! I hate having to clean up piles of things that in reality, I don’t even need!

I want to do another Project 333 Wardrobe, but I think my outer garments are there already.
I’ve been trying to keep to the one in, one out rule, and getting rid of one thing a day(donate, give away, or trash) until I can’t find anything else to part with for whatever reason.
I think the hardest “herd to cull” will be my bento box collection which is already small. I don’t need 5 bento boxes, but two are great for smaller meals or snacks, and the Monbentos are great for longer days. That said, the newer Monbento can’t handle tomato sauces(staining) but I think it’s the cutest thing ever and I use it for almost all my stain-free meals, whereas my black Monbento handles the more rough stuff. That’ll have to be a bridge I cross when I get there. I might use smaller purses when I’m ready to tackle that collection for all I know, rendering the Monbentos useless!

This is going to be a process that will take a long while, likely longer than a year to get into the proper mindset and for this to become second nature, but everyone that I know of that’s tried minimalism seems rather happy until they get rid of things that bring them joy. There’s a good number for everybody, and I think mine is lower than what I’ve got now.


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