Novel Edits


Yesterday, after work, I went nuts with my 3D Printer; today I edited my novel.

It was just a small taste of my novel, but it was the first time I touched it since I finished the rough draft, hit the word count, and summited it on NaNoWriMo‘s website on November 30th.
The bead I had bought to celebrate the fact that I’m now an “author” since I finished writing this thing arrived. I have written many things before, and even have gotten a editor’s award a few years ago, but Campaigning for Tyranny is the fist work I saw through to the end of the initial rough draft! I still have a long way to go to making this the book I want it to be, but I intend to see it through to the end. If that end is self publishing it and putting it up online for people to read to simply get my name out, so be it, I still intend to see it through. This was a huge learning experience already, and I’m not done yet!

It’s really weird to be calling myself an author, especially since I’m not published (yet), but I am sure that with time it’ll become less forced. Maybe once I get something published I won’t feel as odd on the matter. It’s too late for this time, but maybe the next time my university puts the call out for students to submit work to the literary goodies that it released. How fun would that be? I could act all pompous and call myself a published author. That would feel even stranger than just author!


2 thoughts on “Novel Edits

  1. I’m right where you are, sistah! How are you feeling about your editing? I’m rather enjoying mine, seeing the improvement in my craft translating to making what I wrote before better.

    I’ve read a lot articles about calling yourself an author before “actually publishing,” and I think it gets easier to feel like one. Hopefully we’ll be confident in it soon, right?


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