Must. Learn. Japanese.

I won at NaNoWriMo.

I even got this sweet badge for bragging rights.

nanowrimo 2014 winner badge

The school semester is finally over. I can get back to making some awesome bento boxes to post on my bento blog and playing with my 3D printer. I also now have a novel to edit, but I can take my time with that. I just want to have it edited by October 2015 so I can prepare for the next NaNoWriMo. November was grueling and awful, and even up through Monday was as well.

Now for a couple of months I get a bit of a break.

I’m also debating starting studying Japanese during the break. I’ve wanted to learn since I was in at least middle school.

I could start learning it now, getting a jump start, or I can wait until I have to work on my mandatory foreign language class for University. Everyone says I should take Spanish, especially for the area, but honestly, I seem to interact more with Korean speaking individuals that I do people whom speak Spanish. Perhaps it’s just the places I frequent.

I was thinking of taking Korean(I still might), but the week before finals I saw this in one of the hallways at my University:

it does exist!

Look on the right hand side. They offer Japanese! There was some question over whether it actually was taught, neither me, nor my adviser could find it, and internet searches didn’t turn up much. All I had were rumors to go on, and a big fat mystery staring me in the face.

Come find out that the teacher is only a part timer! I will have to find out how I can get in on this class!

My newest incentive for wanting to learn Japanese:

kakeibo and entamaI know my Entama is blurred, and if you have followed my Instagram, that’s the Tamagotchi I always post photos of with my and my teas and coffees whenever I’m in a coffeeshop. It’s the perfect Tamagotchi for that.

The reason for wanting to learn Japanese is the Kakeibo Tamagotchi next to it. It’s much more in depth than the tamagotchi; it’s really more of a standalone/add-on. You don’t need an Entama to play it, but you don’t raise any pets.

And my lack of knowing Japanese makes this one really hard for me; now I really want to learn it, even more so than before!

And I love the kakeibo mini-binder too. I need to know what size paper it takes so I can buy refills. I want to use it for regular school stuff despite it’s tiny size.


2 thoughts on “Must. Learn. Japanese.

  1. Congratulations on your NaNoWriMo win! I know I’m just a random internet person — but I say follow your passions and take Japanese. You can figure out how to make it practical and integrate it into your life later. Trust me, as someone who took six years of Spanish I can tell you: yes, it has lots of practical applications, but if you don’t have a passion, you will let it go after university. Good luck with your editing and language decision making!


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