What’s In My Purse

I have a few minutes of free time right now, so I decided I’d do a purse dump for what’s in my bag.

whatsinmypurse 11/9/14

My purse looks like it has a lot in it, almost like the opposite of minimalism! I watched a couple of what’s in my purse videos (by minimalists) and immediately felt bad about how stuffed my purse is!

Then, as I thought about it, I use most of the stuff in my purse on a very regular basis,  just have to practice a different kind of minimalism because I’m hardly ever home! My purse is heavier than it probably should be, and there are a couple of things I can take out for right now, at least.

So in my purse are:

  1. Monbento Lunch Box:  As a general rule of thumb, it saves a lot of money to pack your food. I have a couple of monbento boxes and love them. One layer is enough for a meal but I am consistently out of the house until way past dinner time. This helps keep me eating healthier and better portioned meals. It’s also handy when going out to eat. I regularly don’t finish all the food on my plate, so this beats having to take home an awkward Styrofoam container (plus, it’s more eco too!).
  2. Monbento bag: helps keep potential leaks from staining my purse; also helps keep my box from getting scuffed up.
  3. Sistema To-Go cutlery Set: usually I throw just the cutlery I know I’ll be using into the thin cutlery layer of the bento but sometimes I put the whole set in the bag on top of of my box.
  4. iPhone4s: It’s working great. When it ceases to function properly I plan to go for the 6 Plus (I used to rock a Galaxy Note 2 and I loved it). Until then, it’s working perfectly.
  5. Skullcandy Inked Earbuds: These are handy when I’m doing something and want to talk on the phone or listen to music. They’re easier to use than Bluetooth, as well.
  6. Defiant Daughters: Oh look, a fly landed on my book during the photo! Anyway, a friend gave me this to read but because of classes, work and NaNoWriMo, I’ve not had time to read it. I’m taking this out until after NaNoWriMo is over, at least.
  7. 100% Pure hand lotion: I wash my hands a lot so this helps keep them hydrated.
  8. Esterbrook Double-Jeweled J Pen with a 1550 fountain pen nib: I re-sacked this pen myself, using rubber cement instead of shellac, so now it’s an entirely vegan vintage lever filler fountain pen. This pen is my workhorse pen and my favorite. I generally use the Manuscript brand of bottled ink in plain black.
  9. Green mini Moleskine Notebook: It’s getting close to full but might just last me through the year! I love the Moleskine and Esterbrook combo.
  10. A sample of Lush’s ultrabalm: This stuff is amazing as chap stick! It’s especially handy now that it’s cold and windy out.
  11. iWalk portable charger: This thing is handy to charge anything that gets charged via a USB cable.
  12. Radioshack’s Enercell Multi-End Charger: I scored this about a month ago on clearance. It charges both my iPhone 4s and my original Nexus 7. It came in handy last night when my boyfriend, a group of friends and I all went out to eat, one of my friends’ phone died, and despite that it was an Android, this with my portable charger helped her stay in touch with her mom.
  13. Drop2O Water Enhancer: I picked up this water enhancer from the health food store. I don’t like it as much as the Skinnygirl line but it adds a refreshing hint of mint. Regardless, I don’t think I’ll be buying another one of this brand.
  14. Tissues: I spend more money on the designer tissues because this brand makes really thick tissues. I cut them to be about a quarter of the size before putting them in my purse to make them last longer(something to do when watching anime). In a pinch they’d make just fine napkins but I use them for all sorts of things aside from blowing my nose. Wiping ink off of the section of my fountain pen after refilling is one common use.
  15. Sunglasses: I need them when I drive during the day. They’re just as useful in the winter as they are in the summer!
  16. Spare car door key: This is just in case I lock my main set of keys in the car.
  17. Wallet: Found this at a thrift shop. Keeps cash, my drivers license, a few punch cards, insurance cards, and my debit card inside.
  18. The purple containers are toner: It’s nice to refresh my face sometime between 5:00 am 10:00 pm when I’m out all day.
  19. E.L.F. Zit-Zapper: I’m pretty stressed out these days. Zits like to pop up. I zap them.
  20. Emory board: If I break a nail I trim it back and then I file down the sharp edges with this(It happens fairly often).
  21. E.L.F. cream eyeshadow
  22. Tarte Facial Moisturizer: Trying to use this up. I don’t think I’d buy it again. I prefer the Lush line.
  23. Nail Clippers, Mini Eyeshadow Brush(Eco-Tools brand), tweezers, and eyeliner sharpener
  24. Tarte Mascara: No better than the E.L.F. line. Won’t be buying again.
  25. Extra large bobby pins
  26. Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencil: I prefer liquid liner and again, E.L.F.’s line is just fine. I won’t be buying this again.
  27. 100% Pure Cabernet Lipstick: I LOVE this stuff. It’s a bit expensive but it’s vegan and isn’t full of garbage. I plan to replace this when I use it up!
  28. Collapsible Hair Brush: This is the only brush I own and it works great.
  29. E.L.F. Oil-Blotting Sheets: In case I want to get a lot of oil off my face but don’t have time to wash my face.
  30. In the gold lidded container is Lush’s Dark Angels Exfoliator: This is handy to use when I get a few moments and I haven’t had time to exfoliate at home.
  31. Flash Drive: For classes.
  32. Mosquito Stick: This alleviates itching from bug bites(and rashes)! They’ve been discontinued and I hope I never run out!
  33. A couple of flosser things: I often forget to floss at home so I keep these in my makeup bag.
  34. 2 panyliners: I usually use a Diva Cup but sometimes a gal starts way too early and needs something STAT. It’s also nice in case a classmate forgot to bring one from home.
  35. Keys and Hand Sanitizer on a lanyard: Sometimes I’m just running into the store to grab something small so I just grab my wallet and throw my keys around my neck. There’s also gross things everywhere, so sanitizer is important!


The green and blue bag in my purse is holding all my personal care stuff. The bag keeps it from becoming a huge mess inside of my purse.

So the things I think I can get rid of in my purse would be the book, for the most part. Everything else in here I use with extreme frequency!


2 thoughts on “What’s In My Purse

    1. Haha, that would have been pretty funny! I don’t own a shotgun, however. 😦
      I did see a handgun in a what’s in your purse tagged photo on Instagram the other day! First time I saw one, I thought it was pretty cool!


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