NaNoWriMo/ NaNoIMo

nanowrimo logo
Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.

I decided that along with Project 333, I will be attempting a version of NaNoWriMo!

I will be doing something I tried YEARS ago, which will be writing a story on my cell phone. I made great progress back in high school but the story was horrible, and I never want anyone else to see it again! Then fast forward a few years and I was inspired by something Patrick Rhone once said about an iPhone version of NaNoWriMo(he called it Nanoimo). While I don’t expect to finish the whole rough draft by November’s close, I anticipate a good chunk. I also don’t anticipate it being nearly as long as an actual novel because of how a cell phone novel is in general.

If you want a beautiful example of a cell phone novel before I start on mine, check out Secondhand Memories by Takatsu. He was pretty new to the scene when I was writing my first cell phone novel, and he’s now getting published! I’m actually planning on buying a hardback copy!

That said, I’ve been pretty stressed as of late, and I think this could be a productive outlet, so I’m excited for my new story idea! I’ll be posting it onto TextNovel when I get it set up!

And I’m off to review my class notes from today and learn a bit about demons, frogs, the mafia and glass blowing(the latter four are related to this post).


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