Project 333

Project 333 is supposed to be an exercise in living with less, and hundreds of others have taken part in this challenge, even multiple times. The gist of the challenge is to go for 3 months with only 33 items of clothing in your wardrobe(not including undergarments, workout wear and sleepwear).
I figured I’d go through all my clothes and pull out the winter weather ones that are appropriate for the season and box up the rest. I don’t have anywhere near 33 garments I love; I’m actually quite shocked!
I can’t say I know of anyone else that has to do shopping and obtaining to meet the requirements of Project 333!
I wash laundry often, and my clothes experience quite a lot of wear overall, so it was interesting to at least go through everything.
I actually discarded of a lot of clothes that weren’t terribly old (to me that is, they were thrift store finds), because I got them super gross at work (oil perma-stained) or through other means (such as helping my boyfriend paint his loft).
So anyway, I’ll fill it in with gems I find over the next few weeks on an as needed basis, I could use a few more pairs of pants, a skirt that’s not my versalette, and a couple more sweaters.

If you’d like a peek into my closet:



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