One a Day

Lately I’ve been getting rid of one thing a day, at least, in an effort to declutter my place a bit.
This necklace was one of those things. It’s a provocative necklace and I love it, but I never wear it. About a week ago I made the decision to pass it along, and offered it to a friend whom also happens to be vegan.
He seemed super pumped to be getting it, so tomorrow it will be handed off to one of my best friends(we eat a brief dinner together after her class and after a huge study/homework session for me) whom is in a class with him.

That said, for a moral: don’t be afraid to let go of things you love if they don’t bring you enough value. The necklace isn’t doing anything for anyone inside a little black jewelry box stuffed so full that it’s a puzzle untangling all those in there. It’s more valuable hanging around someone’s neck.



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